The Center for Sales Performance 

Samantha Nelson

Global Alliances Manager at Talkdesk

Sales Communications Specialist | Advisory Board

Kevin Pettie

Outbound Marketing Specialist

LinkedIn Marketing Specialist

Relationship Marketer

R. Scott Forbes

Senior Advisor at BBCIHR

HR Specialist | Performance Management | Workshop Leader | Research Team |

Senior Team

Adam Tuttle

Partner, ActiveCampaign | Marketing Automation Expert | Research Team

R. D. Nelson

Founder at Sales

Sales Specialist | Workshop Design | Workshop Leader | Research Team |


Tim Gorree

Founder of Digistars (Oy), 2014 | Former concept owner of Avatar concepts at Nokia | "Virtual CEO" of Nokia in Second Life.

Mike Cauterman
Founder, Appleby Media | Marketing Specialist
Digital Media | Research Team

Our Advisory and Resource Board

​Cherene Francis

Workshop Leader | Advisory Board Member

John MacDonald

Inbound Marketing Specialist

CRM Specialist

Landing Page Specialist

​Lead Nuture Specialist

Andy Paul

Best selling author, blogger, podcaster, speaker and coach. | Advisory Board 

Jon Ferrara

​Pioneer & creator of #CRM | CEO - Nimble | Founder of GoldMine 

Dr. Lisa Lang

Job Shop & Machine Shop Scheduling  | Theory of Constraints Board of Directors | TOC Expert