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ActiveCampaign is a marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) suite. Targeted towards small-to-midsize businesses, this software helps you build your contact lists, create professional emails, manage campaigns, track customer behaviour and measure the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

One of the easiest and most robust marketing automation applications we have used.

Prospecting HubThe Prospecting Hub is an innovative platform to run your New Business Development "Lead Machine". It features a full suite of channel marketing tools including CRM, email and social media posting. But there is more. A lot more. Demo

​​Nimble is an award winning simple, intelligent sales automation and social CRM solution. Best suited for small businesses. It automatically populates rich customer profiles. It keeps a history of interactions  from contacts, email conversations and social media activity.It also features pipeline and deal tracking, tasks and alerts. Demo.

ConnectExplore: Hyper-Target Buyers with this tool!

  • Automated, SMART Research Tool Uncovers Interests Your Competition Will Never Find
  • Built In “Layering” Lets You Hyper Target The Hottest Fans In ANY Niche
  • Optimize Ad Results With Detailed Interest Performance Stats – WITHOUT Split Testing
  • And Much More!  See Video

ConnectLeads: One-Click List Building Tool

Everyone’s looking for ways to reduce costs and increase sales, while working less.
Think about it, if you can slash your costs while spending less time managing leads…
While at the same time being assured that your leads always get a timely response from you…
​What effect would that have on your business? See Video

ConnectRetarget: Leverage Behavior and Brand Promotion

Basic retargeting flat out works for major brands, 49% of the world’s biggest brands and
​68% of marketing agencies devote SPECIFIC budgets to retargeting.
Why? It’s powerfully effective. Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert than one-time visitors to a site.
Huge companies with unlimited budgets and high priced ad designers only convert 2% of 1st time visitors with paid advertising…
​so without retargeting, what chance do us little guys have? See Video 

ConnectAudience: Powerful email Retargeting and Audience Synchronization

Serve up the right ads to the right audience based on their behavior...
Instead of hoping and praying your generic ad appeals to every subscriber.

ConnectAudience saves you a ton of ad money because you can target only those subscribers who have already shown interest in your offers.
Tap into the power of your subscriber lists AND Facebook™’s custom audiences combined together.

Now you can build highly targeted custom audiences to reach the exact subscribers you want to reach! See Video

ConnectSuite: The Full Suite of Connectio Products - See Special Offer

Upviral: Smart Viral Marketing Tool to expand your reach and your contact list.
Viral marketing is the most sought after and fleeting tactic in marketing. Our system will ensure it works for you! See Video

Talkdesk is the world's leading browser-based call center solution that helps SMB and Enterprise businesses deliver delightful customer experiences. We integrate Talkdesk with Nimble to make a powerful outbound and inbound solution. To deliver great customer experiences, increase efficiency and generate top line revenue...Demo

Hubspot is a comprehensive system that helps businesses get found online, provides tools to convert more online visitors into leads and then provides solid analytics to make smart marketing investments. The CRM component is an easy-to-use sales application that both the information and the tools needed for today's modern sales process. Demo.

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