The Center for Sales Performance 

We continuously research new trends, new methods and new technologies. 

One of our innovations is the Performance Consortium Program. A Performance Consortium is a group of company's who share a commonality. The purpose of the Consortium is to share costs, share resources and work toward a common goal. That goal is more sales and profit.

Each Consortium is lead by a Consortium Leader. For more information, please visit: 

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Find out how to acquire an accurate and intelligent contact list.

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A prerequisite for any successful database marketing campaign is a clean database of correct contact details. Most businesses have a “Customer” list. We would argue that a “Potential or Prospect” list is equally important and often missing.

We help organizations manage their databases by:

  • Acquiring full contact lists of potential customers.
  • Cleaning your lists up – Handling bounces, removing defunct names and emails.
  • Segmenting – We segment databases into market niches or demographics.
  • Updating – We keep your databases current by constantly checking and updating names, addresses, emails, and telephone numbers.

Huge data is highly resourceful, yet it requires intricate procedures, segmentation techniques, and preplanning to be able to source out the information we desire out of it. Whether you are dealing with small or big data, we assure you accurate intelligent information.

We have access to over 40 million verified executives worldwide.